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Disruptive world events are driving high volatility, tighter margins and more competition in the oil markets. Along with this, there is now access to huge volumes of data to inform trading decisions, as well as ever more complex trading portfolios.
Traders and risk managers need to be able to value large portfolios quickly and correctly, calculate all relevant risk metrics, and perform stress testing at scale. The Topaz platform can do all of this and more.
Physical and Derivatives
In one view, all trade types covered and valued instantly, including operational effect on price/position
Full coverage
Crude, products, petchems, NGLs with trade types including physicals, swaps, forwards, futures, options, FFAs and FX trades
Real time reporting
See live, intra-day valuation, P&L, position, greeks and VaR
Extensive options coverage
View physical optionality alongside hedges; large range of options types and models
Advanced pricing
Topaz easily handles complex pricing formulas and rules, along with support for sophisticated pricing schedules
Stress testing
Comprehensive functionality including price, volatility and time stress