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We took the time to design the optimal architecture for Topaz, selecting the best technologies for our customers’ needs. We have leveraged modern open source technology to create a scalable distributed system.
We have well designed, easy to use and stable APIs, expressed using OpenAPI and gRPC API tooling, meaning it’s quick, easy and low maintenance to integrate with Topaz.
Topaz allows you to choose which persistence database to use. This includes Postgres, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Cassandra, Mongo and others.
Akka allows Topaz to scale linearly e.g. for large reports, multiple concurrent users and distributed computations, meaning our system can be truly real-time.
Topaz has a rich, high performance Excel add-in, providing functions for building pricing and market data sheets, along with trade blotters and reporting in Excel.
Docker and Kubernetes give us flexibility to deploy and scale Topaz anywhere you like, be that on your premises or in the cloud, to suit your business.
JavaFX has a familiar browser tab style but unlike browser based UIs, Topaz can easily handle large data sets, and is optimised to best utilise your computer’s capabilities.
Topaz has been written using Scala - a powerful and expressive language which allows us to focus on business logic rather than technical concerns.
Most importantly of all, we continue to hone our product, constantly refactoring the code and upgrading technology as advances are made.
This is essential housekeeping which is vital to keep a software product up to date, future-proofed and easy to maintain and extend.
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