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Topaz wins “One to Watch” in the Energy Risk Awards 2024 for its QDM module
London, 23 May 2024
Topaz Technology has been selected as the winner of the “One to watch” award in the 2024 Energy Risk awards, in recognition of our new Quantitative Developer Module (QDM).

The QDM allows any quant – with no IT integration experience – to build, maintain and locally debug their own valuation models, and use these within Topaz’s standard analytical framework. This means Topaz users can use its risk analytics capabilities seamlessly across all traded instruments in their portfolio, whether they’re valued with QDM or Topaz internal models.

The key differentiator with the Topaz solution is that no development is required to integrate the custom models, which is a perennial problem with traditional quant toolkits requiring substantial IT resource to build out.

Jon Fox, CEO of Topaz Technology, commented “We think the ability to offer this valuation flexibility, and to integrate it seamlessly into our core risk management and analytics platform, is a real game changer. Quants can now focus on their interesting mathematical modelling problems, rather than getting bogged down in the problems of marshalling the data into a usable risk reporting framework. Ultimately this increases flexibility and reduces the time it takes to make new trading capabilities available”

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