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Topaz Technology release Version 2.0 of their revolutionary commodity risk management and analytics platform
London, 31 August 2021
Topaz Technology have announced the release of Version 2.0 of their revolutionary commodity risk management and analytics platform. The new version is another step change in terms of performance and scalability as well as rich new functionality.

Jo Finnigan, COO at Topaz Technology said “One of our guiding principles is to ensure our software is always using the latest technology, at the cutting edge of new developments and constantly updated with new features. This means that our customers' experience is always improving and they can leverage new functionality to their advantage. In this new version we have re-architected parts of our system to be even faster and more scalable, upgraded our technology, and expanded our advanced analytics functionality as well as our coverage across power, gas and petrochemicals.”

A few stand-out features of the release include:

  • Complete re-architecture of the Topaz storage mechanism to enable even faster performance and larger trade volumes.

  • Extensive technology stack upgrades including latest versions of Scala and Akka.

  • A new Swing Option Valuation capability for the Energy markets. These are complex options usually found in power and gas markets offering multiple exercises subject to various constraints. Topaz can now fully handle these options across power and gas including valuation and all the Greeks.

  • Valuation and Greeks for Spark Spread Options including the “Clean” version where the required number of Carbon Credits have been purchased.

  • Full Petrochemicals support including built in support for handling price quotes with non standard publication schedules.

  • An advanced pre-trade structuring tool with an intuitive Excel interface to enable pre-trade structuring and pricing for cross-asset derivative portfolios.

  • Additional advanced analytics functionality including new stress types.

  • Powerful export capability including cut and paste directly into multiple formats such as rich Excel and HTML emails. This provides a quick and easy way of sending a stylish senior management report.

All Topaz customers have been upgraded to Version 2.0 and are able to immediately take advantage of the benefits, including one customer who is already using Topaz to manage their Petchems portfolio. This is a very quick and straightforward process due to the Topaz platform architecture.

About Topaz Technology:

Topaz Technology is a software company founded by expert technologists, quants and traders. We help commodity traders and risk managers manage and report on risk across the full spectrum of their trading activity in real-time. The Topaz platform is cross-commodity, fast and scalable, and has extensive analytics capability built in.

For more information visit https://topaz.technology

For further information, please contact:

Jo Finnigan COO – Topaz Technology jo@topaz.technology